Making financial products accessible and seamless for everyone everywhere

Embedded Finance

In this day and age, financial products should be widely and easily accessible to people when they need them, even at the point of sale of non-financial products – a concept popularly known as Embedded Finance. Except, it really isn’t the case in most parts of Asia. That’s where Finology comes in.

The era of embedded finance is taking hold, and with an estimated market value of over $138 billion in 2026, it’s clear that it’s not just a financial fad, it’s the future.


Finology is an Asia-Pacific fintech company that specialises in enabling embedded and seamless end-to-end access to financial products.

We Enable Financial Institutions

Our lending and insurance suites of API-driven solutions enable financial institutions (banks & insurance companies) to offer better digital experiences to their customers. Additionally, we also promote financial products of banks and insurance companies through our direct-to-consumer brand, Loanstreet.

We Enable Consumer-Facing Businesses

The said solutions have also enabled consumer-facing businesses such as property developers, automotive distributors, and digital players to seamlessly embed loans and insurance products as part of their offerings.

Patents-Holding and Awards-Winning Company

Holding unique lending technology patents in Australia & Malaysia, our efforts have received global recognitions that include being Seedstars’ Global Winner of World Competition 2020/21, and Frost & Sullivan’s Asia-Pacific InsurTech Entrepreneurial Company of the Year (2020).

Our Milestones

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    • Re-launched Loanstreet
    • Patent granted for credit decisioning automation technology
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    • Launched Loanplus and activated instant home loan approvals for the property industry
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    • 1st Client in Nepal
    • Seedstars’ Global Winner of World Competition 2020/2021

Our Awards

(APAC - INSURTECH) Asia-Pacific InsurTech Entrepreneurial Company of the Year by Frost & Sullivan
(ASIA-PACIFIC) 18th Asia-Pacific ICT Alliance Awards